We had just sold prior to separating so the family home was off the cards. He had secured himself a rental and together we found one for me and the kids (3). The cost to rent v quality of home was a real shock. I hadn’t done a budget, I wasn’t really sure of what I could afford plus at that time there was still the thought of reconciliation and that my husband would be moving in anyway.

However that didn’t happen so now we are in a Modern 4 bedroom Duplex in the area we wanted but paying more than we can afford.

I struggled to accept the reality of it all. I was sure we would reconcile, I was sure we had another attempt to make it work in us. I didn’t think he would really go through with everything. So accepting this was my reality, that this is my situation now and nothing was going to change it, was/is by far my hardest challenge.

Nothing, I try not to have regrets

You will be swamped with emotions and your thoughts will be all over the place. Try to find time to really focus blocking all that out and work on your future plans, make steps to protect yourself financially and decide on some realistic terms you can set with your ex. Never negotiate from a place of anger.