Grew apart over time. Additional factors included being a single income family, which often meant my work took a lot of my time. Towards the end this also led to infidelity on her behalf as she left sexually frustrated.

We tried being separated but living under the same roof for 2 years.

Overall, I found this to be very similar to how out previous years had been, which obviously shows how far apart we had grown as a couple. But we were always together for our kids, and available weekends were always spent as a family with them in mind.
We’re currently in our 3rd month of formal separation, as she has moved out with the girls. She arranged her own accommodation, with financial support from her family as well as income from her work.
I’d say the main challenges for me have been accepting that I only have limited contact with my kids (every second weekend and holidays as well as phone calls).

One of my kids is on the autism spectrum, and therefore sometimes struggles to adapt when they spend the weekend with me.
At the moment we have mostly played it by ear, keeping the kids as our main priority, but we haven’t involved any legal experts to formalise the procedures yet.
Important parenting decisions are also difficult to discuss over email and messenger.

Nothing yet. I think I’m still very disinformed about how these proceedings normally go. The Separation Exchange is probably this first group Ive reached out to, in order to learn more.

Get advice.

She asked for help with her tax return (i used to handle all her financials), I said that since she notified Centrelink that we’re separated, I’m no longer authorised to handle her business. I’ve also blocked all her family on Facebook.!

I didn’t miss my ex. I missed my family: the kids and her, as a co-parent. And to get through those days, id either drink and/or binge watch Youtube or movies.