Tried and Tested

Coming to an agreement with your ex for a co-parenting approach can be an emotional exercise. The selected approach can be based on:

  • the new relationship of both parents,
  • the ages of the children,
  • location of a school,
  • location of each parent,
  • what each parent may actually want, in terms of parenting commitment (mine was happy to leave most of the parenting to me and move one-and-a-half hours’ away to set-up a new life with his mistress, which meant very limited regular input into their lives). So each case will be different based on your circumstances.

Some parents want daily input into their kids lives and some…just DON’T! Perhaps both parents may like to consider the fact that their children were used to seeing both parents daily (in most situations), so going from what they were used to, to only seeing one parent potentially every second weekend, could be damaging.

More helpful information can be found at Relationships Victoria.




Here are some suggested approaches others have tried:

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