How do i make time?

Being a single parent is not only a constant juggling act but an art that can sometimes take years to get the balance right.

In my experience, the most important lesson is that:

“You can only give your best to others if you are in touch with the best in yourself” .

So the more you invest in yourself the more your child/ren will benefit from having a grounded and connected parent. The analogy of putting on your oxygen mask on first before anyone else’s fits in perfectly with the single parent- there is only one of you and therefore you need to be looked after in order for things to run smoothly.

“Selfcare is not Selfish – you cannot serve from an empty vessel” - Eleanor Roosevolt Brownn

These five self-care rituals will help you feel present and connected:

1.Morning Ritual

How you start your day, can set you up for an amazing day or an average day.  Spending 10 to 15 minutes in the morning before the children are awake and having a “morning ritual” that resonates with you to start the day can really help you feel centered, organised and present.

Whether it be meditation, exercise or simply sipping a cup of tea, if you do it with your full attention the benefits will be simply invaluable.

2. Socialise

Making time to socialise with the Ladies, a guys night or scheduling in date night to meet some new people can do wonders. Being a single parent can be isolating at times and you definitely need the adult conversation from preventing your brain turning into mush from listening to the wiggles! If time is limited then try and combine catching up with your friends at a place where there might even be potential to meet new people!

You will come back with renewed energy to your kids!

3. Reconnect with your inner child!

Becoming a single parent, it is easy to forget what you love and enjoy doing. What is that one activity that makes you feel alive? Dancing, cooking, yoga, cycling, reading, art? Schedule this in once a week so your kids can also see you doing what you enjoy and your inner child is also happy!

This can really help you to connect better with your kids too. Again, if time is an obstacle involve your kids in this!

4. ALONE time – Reflecting & Nourishing yourself

Amongst the noise of parenting and juggling the demands of single parenting in today’s world, It can be so easy to lose yourself and run on auto pilot!

Taking some time out for yourself completely alone with just your thoughts, maybe journalling could help you to start listening to your inner voice which usually has the answers you are looking for. This could be a walk in nature, or simply a bath when the kids are asleep!

5. Saying NO!

I always tell my clients : “your energy is precious, sprinkle it like fairy dust”. This applies even more to the single parent whose time is super precious with or without the kids! We often also end up over – committing and regretting it! Choose your interactions wisely and have healthy boundaries. A great way to do this is asking yourself a simple question before making a commitment – “is it going to nourish me or deplete me?”.


Remember –  You can do anything but not Everything.

Above all be kind to yourself and seek out the support! You’re not alone on this journey.

ABOUT the Blogger:

Sunita Pamamull, Founder of Holistic Women’s Therapy and Mindful Mumma Holistic Living (a holistic lifestyle programme for mums).

Mum to a gorgeous boy, Sunita is a trained Transpersonal Counsellor and Holistic Health and Wellbeing Mentor. Her passion is to empower mums to connect to their authenticity and live life at their most optimal wellbeing

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