Yes! A divorce HOTEL!?

The concept is fresh and almost madness! But then maybe it will work…or at least it’s worth a try to potentially eliminate the exorbitant court costs.

However, there may be some benefit. Essentially, the idea behind it lays in collaboration in one place where couples can resolve their settlement in the one location within a few days, with access to professionals to help support the process. The aim? To get to a resolution on settlement as soon as possible.


So what’s involved?

Of course, getting from collaboration to resolution can take couples years to do! However, I think that having all parties within the same location with the shared goal of coming to a settlement within a small time frame has merit. Having respective and capable advisers to inform us of our entitlements and then negotiating this with the other party is somewhat enticing.

It allows the possibility of resolving an outcome sooner rather than a fully drawn out litigation that may take years to conclude. This concept may potentially diffuse the ill feelings many couples experience and may eliminate other interested parties interfering in a resolution. It focuses on just the 2 individuals reaching an outcome.

This concept hasn’t landed in Australia yet, but potentially in the near future!?


It seems that the success of this approach may be based on both parties committed to an outcome at the end of the allotted time, that will avoid long drawn out court proceedings and emotional angst. I’m sure that this condensed approach will still encounter conflicting ideas/perceptions of entitlement, which may cause emotional lows. However, it seems enticing to me, if only to potentially dodge prolonged court proceedings that exhaust money and mental energy. My thoughts only…

For more info: https://www.divorcehotel.com


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