How soon is too soon?

The fear to date when you may have freshly separated is REAL! The early days maybe spent crying over what should have been or how life may have changed, or maybe you are totally ready?!  Navigating through all the logistical crap of separation, is excruciating BUT then so is the loneliness at night when the kids are tucked in bed and you have no one to talk to!

So…the thought of dating after separation maybe considered as an option? Perhaps be prepared for some emotional roadblocks along the way! Some may still be letting go of their ex, and some may have moved on but dating in my experience brings on a whole new aspect where it may trigger emotions you didn’t even realise would! E.g. You may compare a date with your ex without even intentionally meaning to!

Dating after separation may mean that it has been years since you actually went on a date with someone new! Finding time to ACTUALLY go on a date as a single parent may also be a challenge (because let’s face it, the time with no kids also meant cooking, cleaning and prepping for the upcoming week!)  Here are a few tips on where to start!

Where to start?

The chances are, that if you have been married and now separated you are likely to be 30+. Whilst you are letting go from your ex or maybe you have already successfully done that then here are a few options (in no particular order):

  1. Dating Sites
  2. @ the Gym
  3. @ Work
  4. Social Media (Facebook groups, Instagram)

Dating exposes you to new people which means trying to understand new personalities which come with a whole heap of baggage (good and bad!).  It also may trigger emotions between you and your kids about the whole concept of you “dating” and also emotions from your ex. Managing all the emotions can become tricky, but hey we all learn as we go!

So, take a breath and figure it out one at a time and most of all enjoy the journey!


These can be purchased via your app store, in no particular order, for both opposite and same sex!:

  1. Bumble
  2. RSVP
  3. Tinder
  4. Zoosk
  5. Coffee Meets Bagel (yup..that’s correct)

Have some fun, and enjoy the journey! You may need to kiss a few frogs to meet your prince/princess 😊

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