Who Are We?

After a painful experience during my own UNEXPECTED separation, I felt lost about where to start the journey. I was in emotional disarray and unsure of how to start the road to a new life. I didn’t have many friends that I could relate to and whilst I had support it wasn’t from people who understood my situation. I felt like I was rapidly sliding down a hill and like most, the choice to sink or swim was made.

I chose to swim!

There was a long period of mourning; I constantly felt in disbelief about where my life was going and it was an extremely traumatic time that I now realise I had blocked out. I had my share of days in tears after dropping the kids at school (I always made a conscious effort not to break down in front of the kids).

Eventually, the cloud passed and I got into a new groove and found a vibe that was exhilarating yet scary. I began kickboxing to fill the weekends that my little peeps were TAKEN from me, which ended up being therapeutic (and much cheaper than counselling!) Not only did I reap the physical benefits of losing weight and feeling confident in my body, kickboxing also acted as a personal awakening that proved I was stronger than I gave myself credit for.

During this time I was unable to find a place where I could source practical help and comprehensive information. There were many topic specific websites (legal, psychology, finance etc.), however, none that were all-inclusive. And so, the conception of TheSeparationExchange.com began.


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Why Are We Here?

The Separation Exchange provides an end-to-end portal for information, links to other people in similar situations, and services related to the separation/divorce process. Areas that we focus on include:

  • Connecting people
  • Finance
  • Psychology
  • Practical tips
  • Specialist service providers (NOT the generic providers who don’t know much about separation and divorce)
  • Impacts on children
  • Bridging you to services/accommodation to support you

What we do?

The Separation Exchange aims to be a central source of all things to do with the separation process. We would love to hear about the things you would like to know or services that you struggle to locate. Do you have feedback/topics/services related to the separation process?  Contact us!

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