Where do I start?

They say separating is one of the most stressful things a person can ever go through in life. The weeks, months and even years following a relationship breakdown can be extremely challenging and turbulent, especially as you try to re-establish yourself as ME and not WE.

Sooner or later there will come a time when you’re ready to move forward. You will be ready to re-discover who you are, who you want to be and what your true purpose is.  If you have reached this phase of post separation, congratulations. The next phase is all about you.  Here are some simple tips you can implement to reclaim your sense of self, bring back your inner goddess and have you looking and feeling like the total lady boss that you are.

Explore Colour!

It is a proven fact that we as humans cannot look at a single colour without it evoking some emotion within us.

Consider which colours light you up inside and make you feel uplifted and happy – Then make a conscious effort to surround yourself with these colours. Treat yourself to a new top, dress, or scarf in a colour you absolutely adore. Paint your nails in a fab new colour you would normally never try, or there’s nothing like a bold new lippy to get the blood pumping. As someone who lives and breathes the benefits of knowing and wearing your best colours, I urge you to give this a go.

Not only will colour inspire you, it will inspire those around you as well to up their game.



Dress and Celebrate your Body as it is TODAY!!

Not how it was when you were 20, not how it was before you had kids, not when you lose that last 10kgs – As is, TODAY!

  1. Oversized, Baggy Clothes are not your friend.

They add bulk and will actually make you appear larger than you are and potentially, dare I say it, frumpy? Be proud of your womanly curves and give them the attention and respect they deserve.

2. Always Accentuate your Waist..

Even if you think you don’t have one.  Create the illusion of a lovely, feminine hourglass figure by wearing a belt, loosely tucking or “half tucking” your tops or by wearing a jacket that cinches you in around the middle. It’s a great asset so please don’t waste your waist.

3. Create Balance

Think about your body shape as if it were a silhouette then consider where it may need to be slightly balanced. If you’re bigger on top, create volume and draw attention to your bottom half with A-line skirts, frills and patterns. If you’re bottom heavy, create volume up top with shoulder pads (I know, so wonderfully 80’s), patterned tops or tops with details on the shoulder. If you are straight up and down, cinch in your waist, and create volume top and bottom if you feel you need it.

Take Charge and Cull like a Boss!

Having a wardrobe that is jam packed with stuff you’ve had since Uni will leave you feeling stressed, confused and overwhelmed, so put aside a few hours and let’s get to work.

Cull anything that doesn’t fit you TODAY!! Holding onto jeans you wore in high school in the hope you might fit back into them one day is kinda evil and completely detrimental to our self love journey.  They need to go, along with the guilt. Say it with me – “Guilt be GONE”!

If the item doesn’t “spark joy” give it a thank you nod and send it packing.

If you’re new to culling and you’re anxious about letting go of certain items, put them in a bag in a wardrobe. If in 3-6 months you haven’t gone looking for them, donate the bag (without a single peek inside – it’ll be your undoing!

Look For Style Inspiration

  • Create style boards on Pinterest or stalk Instagram and look for outfits that speak to you.
  • Look for different colour combinations that inspire you and be empowered to restyle items that you already own.
  • Hot Tip: This is a great way to breathe new life into your existing wardrobe without having to spend a cent.

Add Some Fun New Accessories

Accessories are the simplest and most inexpensive way to take an outfit from “good” to “freaking amazing” in seconds.  Hit the stores, or my favourite, the markets with a few of the girls to seek out some new additions that will add some flavour and fun to your wardrobe. A statement necklace, some colourful earrings, a leopard print belt, a cute clutch, a scarf or a sleek pair of sunnies – just to get you thinking outside the box. Be daring and try new colours and shapes. If you feel fab, you can’t go wrong.

Add Lipstick, ALWAYS!

Wearing a lipstick in a stunning shade that you love will give you the confidence and power to slay through your day like a total superwoman. If you’re a beginner here, go for a nice neutral shade that you’re comfortable with and work your way up to something slightly more brave and fun. If you’re already a believer in the magical offerings of lipstick, go bold and bright for maximum effect especially on those days when you’re so tired you can’t remember your own name.

Break the Rules!

So often I see women who already own stunningly beautiful clothes that they love but never wear because “they’re too good” or “for a special occasion”.

Make today a special occasion, for no reason at all.  Pull out that great jacket you spent a fortune on and dress it down with a white t-shirt and boyfriend jeans or pair your favourite cocktail dress with ankle boots and a great fitting leather jacket for a lunch date with the girls. Enjoy your clothes. There are no rules.

Life is a party – dress like it!

ABOUT the Blogger:

Sally Cummins is a Sydney based stylist with formal training in personal styling, wardrobe styling, personal shopping and colour analysis.

She has studied with the Australian College of Professional Styling and is currently completing further training with Kim Bolsover, an award winning mentor, image consultant and founder of Improvibility.uk. Find Sally in our directory!


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